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Welcome to a new school year!  I will be teaching Middle School Art again this year (Grades 5 - 7).  I am now back in the original Art Room in the bottom of Building 1.  Throughout the year we'll be creating a variety of artworks using many different materials.  My hope is to make art class a fun, relaxing, yet productive part of the day!  See you in art class!!!  

Recent Posts

Art Classes Update

Our Spring Band and Choir Concert and Middle School Art Display will be held the evening of April 30, so try to come out and see the talent that our school holds!
We are currently working on a variety of projects in Middle School Art Classes:  
Some classes have created a visual depiction of a poem that I read aloud to them and incorporated colors, sounds, and images that represented what the poem communicated to them.  
Some classes are creating yarn and nail crosses on weathered fence boards.
Some classes created chalk art outside which the younger kids are enjoying on their way to and from the classrooms in the breezeway vicinity.
Some classes are using complementary colors and geometric designs to create an abstract work of art.
The students are great, and I hope they are enjoying art this year.  I also recommended to them that they should try to experience the New Orleans Museum of Art if possible!  There are certain days that the museum is free to Louisiana residents.  You can make a whole day of enjoying all that City Park has to offer!

Catholic Schools Week Art Display at Lakeside Mall

I have set up a selection of the students' artwork at Lakeside Mall for Catholic Schools Week.  We have New Orleans-themed Christmas tree ornaments displayed which were made in honor of our city's tricentennial celebration.  We also have displayed calacas made for the Day of the Dead/Halloween.  There are also some wonderful yarn-art crosses displayed as well.  If you get a chance, please go take a look at how creative your students are!
We are currently working on sprucing up the murals downstairs in Building 1 to brighten up some of the faded areas.  We are working on watercolor king cake paintings which will be very cute!  Some of the art classes are working on a positive visual message which will be displayed in the Assembly Hall for all of our students to see.  
Your students are wonderful and very creative!  I love to see their unique ideas and enjoy seeing what they create.

Current and upcoming Art class projects!

We started out our new school year talking about why art is important to the world.  Their answers were very thoughtful.  Each student was then given a piece of construction paper and a marker.  I read aloud the exact same set of instructions, and each student drew their interpretation of each instruction.  It was amazing to see the different results from the exact same words!  We then talked about how this is a reflection of our different ways of thinking and how each of us was created by God uniquely.  I stressed that each student's artwork is beautiful and that there is no right or wrong in art.  
We are currently working on collaborative projects.  Each student will complete one portion of a total image which will be put together and hung in our Art Room.  They are excited to see the finished product!
Our upcoming projects will included a Day of the Dead project which will be displayed in our Assembly Hall for everyone to enjoy.


I can't wait to see all of my returning students again this year back in the original Art Room in the bottom of Building 1, and I look forward to meeting all of the new 5th graders as well.  We'll have a variety of projects this year that I am sure you will enjoy.  I look forward to seeing each of you create wonderful artwork that expresses your own style!     

Let's have a creative New Year!

If you have a chance, please go visit our display at Lakeside Mall for Catholic Schools Week!  Many of your beautiful pieces of artwork are on display, and you have made our display very colorful and attractive.  Our focus has been watercolor painting, and we will be moving on to oil pastels.  I enjoy the students very much, and look forward to letting them experiment with this new medium.  

Week of August 28, 2017

 We are beginning our watercolor painting by drawing the design we will be painting using pencil.  This drawing will be done freehand.  Next week, we will begin to paint and students will learn about blending colors.

Welcome to a new school year!

Welcome to art class for this new school year!  I am very excited about starting our year off with watercolor painting.  I will teach you watercolor techniques along with some interesting facts about famous watercolor artists.  I have plenty in store for us this year, and can't wait to share it with you!  See you in my NEW LOCATION upstairs in Building 2!   

Week of May 8 - 12, 2017

Thanks to all of you who came out to visit the Middle School Art Show held on the night of the Band and Choir Concerts!  I enjoyed putting it together and displaying each student's chosen artwork.  They are very, very creative and talented.  As this year wraps up, I will be returning each student's artwork that they have not yet brought home.  I hope you enjoy seeing their creations!  We will be finishing up any unfinished bead art, and some classes will begin to work with watercolors on watercolor paper.  I will miss all of the 7th graders and wish them good luck in their chosen high schools.  I hope to see them around as members of High School Youth Ministry!!!  Applications will go home this week and can be returned to me at any time.  They are eligible to join as soon as they are finished 7th grade.

Activities for the weeks of February 20 - March 17

The students are each creating their own fleur de lis Mardi Gras bead art project.  They are selecting the colors for their design, cutting beads, and gluing them onto a cardboard back.  They are looking beautiful! 

Activities for the week of December 4 - 9, 2016

This week, all classes will be working on a gift that they will bring home for Christmas.  They are working hard on their creations, and they are beautiful!  
We will also continue to work on ornaments for our Christmas tree at school, and they will bring these ornaments home on the last day of classes before the Christmas holidays.

Activities for the week of November 14-18, 2016

5th grade:  We will be working on entries for a contest sponsored by Google to design a doodle for Google's search engine page.  The entries should represent the theme "What I see for the future...".  Each entry must be signed by a parent after completed in class so that they can be submitted by me to Google.  Unsigned entries cannot be submitted by me.  I can't wait to see what our students create!
6th grade:  We will be working on the ornaments for our Christmas tree in City Park's Botanical Gardens.  We will be using recycled wood slices for this project, and the theme of our tree will be "Treecycled Treasures".
7th grade:  Same as 6th grade.

Activities for the week of November 7-11, 2016

The Art Room will be in use in conjunction with our Book Fair, so we will not be working on any art projects this week.  We will get back to our projects next week.