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Sept. 16 - 20, 2019

                                        Welcome to KC
         What's Happening this Week?  
Bake Sale on Wednesday
If  you sent in the 4 quarters we requested then there is no need to send additional money with your child.  We will give one of the quarters to your child.  If you have not sent in the money then please do so by Wednesday.  I do not give money to the children who don't have any since I'm not sure if parents wanted them to have an extra treat.     
Reading - Our book this week is  Miss Bindergarten Takes a Field Trip With Kindergarten  by  Joseph Slate
Our Reading comprehension test this week is on Wednesday.  Many of the books we read will have a video on youtube.   You may want to watch the video and review with your child before the test.
Comprehension Skill - Classify and Categorize
Words to Know  -  go     five     green     so     on       
                             run     six     here     you     up
Vocabulary - bakery     post office     fire station     library     
                     park     chaperone     gear     slot     scrumptious
Spelling -   Monday      his     big     pig     it     sit     fit     hit     six     fix    
Math - Continue Chapter 2 - Shapes and Patterns
           Skip counting by 10s.  The test on skip counting by 10s was not given on            Friday.   The children will take the test on Monday after review.
           This test will be very similar to the Math homework last  week.
            We should complete this chapter this week and will take Ch. 2 test early 
             next week.
Religion - Our first Mass with the rest of the school was a huge success.  The children were very well behaved and caught on quickly to what they were to do. After Mass we go to Computer class.  When we leave computer we have an extra recess on the playground if we had good behavior in church.
This week Chapter 3 is God Gives Us Water.  We will learn how important water is to sustain life and talk about the symbolism and use of water in church.
Science - We will complete our experiment on Melting and conduct another experiment with water to tie into Religion this week.
Art - Crayon resist
Social Studies -Thanks for all the post cards that are coming in!   We are enjoying learning about the states and finding them on our map.  We have already been able to color at least 10 different states on our individual maps.
Also, our reading story this week is about community helpers which we will be discussing as we read the book.
Last Week
This past week we partnered up to  read sight words, went outside to write our spelling words on the sidewalks with chalk, Used play doh to try and make solid shapes. (sphere, cube, cylinder, cone, and rectangular prism)  They did an awesome job trying to find ways to do this. We made plane shapes using geoboards and tied a piece of string in a loop to see if 3 friends could find a way to make a triangle.  We watched videos about the platypus and learned lots of facts about them.