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January 14 - 18, 2019

                                        Welcome to KC
                     In The Classroom
              Week of January 14 - 18, 2019
                 Pep Rally on Friday at 2:30
Reading - Story of the week -    Farfallina & Marcel   by  Holly Keller
You might want to look on YouTube to see if you can find a video of this book.
Target Skill:  Plot
Vocabulary:    goose     caterpillar     reflection     gosling     cocoon      chrysalis
 Sight words: how     think     him     his     know     live     gosling
                     caterpillar     recognized     confused     vanished
Word Family Words:    None this week
Spelling:     Sunday     one      two      red     can      ice      cold     good       saw     have
Grammar:   Writing sentences (using capitals and end marks . ? !)
Religion:  God the Father Gives Us Jesus
Math:       - Numbers Greater Than 20   Chapter Test on Thursday
                      +5 Math Facts     Test on Thursday
Science  -   Polar Bears 
Science :    Eagles                                                                                               
We will begin watching the Southwest Eagles live cam.  At this time they already are incubating 2 eggs which were laid on Nov. 16 and 19.  They should hatch sometime near the end of Dec.  We will check in periodically from now until the end of school.   The eaglets should fledge in late April.
The eagle eggs hatched on Dec. 23 and 24.  We will be watching to see how they change.
Thanks to everyone for sending in the postcards!!
We can't get to all of them each day, but
we are enjoying them and moving through them as quickly as possible.