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lesson plans/homework/tests

Please turn in the following supplies for a Christmas activity by Thurs., Dec. 13th:
1.  Candy in a Ziploc bag (any size bag) with your child's name on it - This candy will be used to make a gingerbread house.
2.  Cardboard carton (orange juice or soy milk cartons work well about 59 oz. size) washed out well.  I showed the student's how the carton should be cut.  Please write your  child's name on the bottom of the carton.
Week of  12/10 - 12/13
Please keep all test papers until the end of each 9 weeks. 
Test folders usually go home on Friday and are due back signed on Monday.
READING:  The students will have tests on cold stories weekly.  The tests will go home when we finish each packet.  We will continue reading Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH Chs. 7 - 9.  The students will complete questions for all chapters.  All work for Mrs. Frisby will be done in the student's reading notebook.
ENGLISH:  We will review Unit 3: Verbs, Les. 1 - 6.  We will have a test on Unit 3, Les. 1 - 6 on Wed., Dec. 12th.
Vocabulary Workshop:  We will finish and review Unit 3 . The test will be on Fri., Dec. 14th.
SPELLING:  We will complete pgs. 29 - 32.  The test will be on Fri., Dec. 14th.
MATH:   We will finish and review Ch. 6.  The Ch. 6 test will be on Thurs. Dec. 13th.  Our review quiz will be on Tues., Dec.11th and the basic timed quiz will be on Fri., Dec. 14th.
Since we have finished Ch. 4 on multiplication and division we will now have division with remainders on our review quizzes.  Our basic timed quizzes will now include basic multiplication and division facts with a few addition and subtraction facts. 
Multiplication facts sheet went home.  The students also made  "triangles" to review the facts. Please make sure the facts sheet and "triangles" go back in the take home folder everyday so they will have them at school also.  Multiplication and division facts should be memorized.  Students should practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts daily.  Brainormous is a website where students can play games to help them with their facts. The demo games are free.
SCIENCE:  We will continue Ch. 7 les. 4  & 5.  The Ch. 7 vocab. test will be on Fri., Dec. 14th.  The test on Ch. 7, les. 4 & 5 will be on Tues., Dec. 18th.
RELIGION: We will finish Ch. 13: Advent.  We will not have a test on this chapter.  We will do some advent activities.
SOC. STUDIES:   We will review Ch. 5. The Ch. 5 test will be on Tues., Dec. 11th.  Our next region will be the Southeast.  The students will be given a map with the Northeast and Southeast states.  We will have a test on this on Tues., Dec. 18th.
HOMEWORK IS TENTATIVE - Please check your child's assignment pad to verify this information.
Math:  wkbk. pg. 41 #'s 1, 3, 4, 6, 8, 11, 14, 17, 21 & 22,  study for review quiz tom. (regrouping zeros in subtraction, addition, and division with remainders)
Spelling: step, ABC, or 3 times each, student's choice
English:  wkbk. pg. 48
Soc. Studies:  study for Ch. 5 test tomorrow
Science:  wksheet, use book, read over Ch. 7 vocab.
Math:    wkbk. pg. 42, #'s 2, 3, 4, 9, 12, 14, 17, 20, 21, and 22,  review facts
Spelling: step, ABC, or 3 times each, student's choice
Soc. Studies;  study map
English:  study for Unit 3, les. 1 - 6 test
Science:  read over vocab. and les. 4 notes
Math:  wksheet, test tomorrow
Spelling: 10 sentences
Science:  wksheet, use book, read over vocab.
Soc. Studies:  study map
Reading:  finish Ch. 7 & 8 questions
Math: review basic facts, quiz tomorrow
Spelling: study for test tomorrow on pg. 29 words
Soc. Studies: study map
English:  study for Unit 3 vocab. wkshop test tomorrow
Science:  study for the Ch. 7 vocab test tomorrow
Tues., Dec. 11th:  Math - review quiz with addition, subtraction with zeros, and division with remainders
Tues., Dec. 11th:  Soc. Studies - Ch. 5 test and timelines
Fri., Dec. 14th:  Math - timed quiz on multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction facts.
Fri., Dec. 14th:  Spelling - pg. 27 words
Fri., Dec. 14th:  Science - Ch. 7 vocab.
Fri., Dec. 14th:  English - Vocab. Wkshop Unit 3
Tues., Dec. 18th:  Science - Ch. 7, les. 4 & 5
Tues., Dec. 18th:  Soc. Studies Map test on NE & SE regions
Thurs., Dec. 13th:  Ziploc of candy and carton due
Thurs., Dec. 13th:  Grandparents' Club Meeting 9:30 am
Thurs., Dec. 13th:  Ladies' Co-op Meeting 7:30 pm
Wed. Dec. 19th:  11:00 dismissal, no lunch, no bus, no Aftercare
Thurs., Dec. 20th:  Christmas Holidays begin
Thurs., Jan. 3rd:  Classes resume
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to teach your children. I am truly blessed!!!