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Charlotte Shelley - 7B
Middle School English
Eagle Cam - For several years I have been following a growing family of eagles.  Harriet is the original female/mother eagle; however, there have been several males.  Eagles mate for life (Harriet's other mates have died) and always return to their first home/nest.  This nest is in Fort Meyers, Florida.  Each November Harriet lays her eggs, usually two.  She and her mate (the first male was named Ozzie), incubate the eggs for 30-35 days.  By the end of December the eggs begin to hatch.                                                 
       Over the Christmas holidays, I watch the eagle cam like a grandmother waiting for her grandbabies.  :)    It is fascinating to watch this family of eagles as they care for each other.  They bring meals of fish and small critters to each other.  Watching momma and daddy feed their eaglets is adorable; as they get stronger, watching the siblings "fight" each other for food is funny. 
         As a child, with eagles and pelicans being endangered, I never imagined being able to see them as we see them now.  It is thrilling to think that those amazing birds live and thrive in this area.  I hope you enjoy viewing Harriet and her mate and their soon-to-be babies in their natural habitat.  (Just click on the Eagle Cam link above.)
UPDATE - The eaglets hatched! One hatched the day before Christmas and one on Christmas Day.  Harriett and M15 (male 2015) have been very attentive parents.  E12 and E13 are so adorable and growing everyday.
 Please be mindful of the following important dates:
Reminders for January 14 - 20, 2019

1/14 - First Eucharist Meeting (Second Grade) - 6:00 P.M. - P.C.

1/18 - Joint Social (Ladies' Co-op and Men's Club ) 

Upcoming Events:

1/21 - Holiday

1/21 - 1/25 - In House Registration
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Homeroom Birthday Treats:

  • If you choose to send a treat for your child's birthday please send items that are individual or already cut. Ex. cookies, cupcakes, donuts, brownies, pre-cut cookie cake
  • Please try to avoid sending treats on Friday. Since we have mass, we have a shortened study hall time in which to pass out and eat treats. 
  • 7B homeroom - 28 students